Beacon Capital Management

Helping Investment Advisors Help their Clients

Beacon Capital Management isn’t like your “traditional” RIA – we don’t just give you portfolio models and send you on your way… we make it our business to help you build your business. Our mission is to provide independent, fee-based financial advisors with investment solutions AND turnkey marketing, operational and account management support. Simply put, we work to make it easier for you to spend more of your time and energy working with your clients, and less time and energy worrying about the other stuff. Which of the following describes you? Click on a link below to learn more.

Which of the following
best describes you?

I need a better investment approach.

I need to improve my marketing & communication.

I need more time to grow my business.

Are you tired of telling your clients to buy and hold and hope while watching the market ride a rollercoaster?  If you want to bring your clients value both in times of good and bad market performance, Beacon Capital Management’s Vantage 2.0 portfolios may be exactly the change you need.  Beacon innovates and manages mechanical investment portfolios designed to provide consistent returns while minimizing losses in any market condition.  We don’t buy into the hype or hunches of Wall Street, but rather utilize a data-driven investment approach based on math and science to drive our next move.

At Beacon, we do not believe that risk and reward are directly correlated.  In fact, we’ve worked to redefine what “risk” means to a long-term investment strategy.  Through strong diversification and effective risk mitigation strategies, we stay the course and only react to changing markets when our predetermined rules dictate.  To learn more about our investment philosophy and how our portfolios can benefit your clients, click here.