After the Dow’s best 3-day streak since the 1930s, here’s what experts think the stock market will do next

March 30, 2020

Chris Cook, president of the financial firm Beacon Capital Management in Dayton, Ohio, says that investors were feeling particularly good about the government taking steps to shore up economic stability.

Specifically, Cook is referring to the $2 trillion stimulus package — the largest such piece of legislation in American history — that President Trump signed late Friday.

“It’s absolutely enormous,” Cook says. That President Donald Trump’s signaling that the economy could effectively “reopen” in a matter of weeks, not months, has investors feeling good, he adds. Self-isolation is unlikely to end soon, however, experts say. Indeed, over the weekend Trump announced that social distancing will continue through April.

Still, those projections and signals are “what people are looking at, and they’re trying to project when the [coronavirus situation] will start to wind down,” Cook says.