Beacon Capital Management Offers Curian Capital Advisors a New Home

August 4, 2015

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Beacon Capital Management is offering advisors who currently work with Curian Capital Advisors and are seeking an alternative RIA partner a new home. Beacon is a next-generation money manager that utilizes mechanical investment strategies to build and manage portfolios designed to capture market gains while attempting to minimize losses. With Curian’s recent announcement of plans to exit the business by Q1 2016, Beacon can provide a turnkey solution for the soon-to-be-displaced advisors.

“Beacon is uniquely equipped to handle these transitioning advisors as we have worked extensively with advisors who have switched from Curian to Beacon in the past, with our team having created and mastered a smooth transition process for all involved,” said Chris Cook, founder and CEO of Beacon Capital Management. “Beacon offers a simpler and more cost-efficient investment approach that includes lower transaction costs and little to no closing costs as a result of the transition.”

“Beacon empowers advisors with innovative investment strategies, advanced back office support systems and a superior level of service and technology, and we look forward to working with more Curian advisors in the future,” said Dan Baccarini, Managing Director of Beacon Capital Management. ”We are confident that they will be excited about our array of offerings and encourage advisors to visit our website at, register and learn more about our unique capabilities and portfolio performance history.”

Risk management is Beacon’s number one priority. Through the use of an equal-sector diversification strategy, mechanical stop-loss measures and disciplined execution, Beacon believes that investors can capitalize on market efficiencies while mitigating losses that can be catastrophic to a portfolio.

Advisors are encouraged to visit for more information or to call Beacon Capital Management at 866.439.9093.

About Beacon Capital Management

Beacon Capital Management is a progressive, next-generation registered investment advisory firm dedicated to fundamentally improving the science of investing for fee-based financial advisors and the clients they serve. Beacon Capital Management was founded in July of 2000 to provide diverse portfolio models that include innovative risk management strategies and turnkey asset management solutions. The firm empowers advisors with innovative investment strategies, advanced back office support systems and a superior level of service and technology. For more information about Beacon Capital Management please visit or call 866-439-9093.

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