“Slash Your Retirement Risk: How to Make Your Money Last with a Simple, Safe, and Secure Investment Plan”

September 19, 2017

Investment manager responsible for more than $2.5 billion releases new best-selling book detailing steps for the “New ROI”: Reliability of Income

Chris Cook, president and founder of Dayton-Ohio based Beacon Capital Management, Inc., an SEC registered investment advisor with more than $2.5 billion under management, has released his first book “Slash Your Retirement Risk: How to Make Your Money Last with a Simple, Safe, and Secure Investment Plan.” Reaching best-seller status in Amazon’s Portfolio Management category prior to its release, this insightful book shares Cook’s unique investment philosophies and techniques to show investors how to invest to create income reliability without sacrificing reasonable growth. The book, published by Career Press, is now available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other retailers.

“For generations of American investors, buy-and-hold strategies used to be the norm. It was simple, investors put their money in blue chip stocks or other growth equities then watched their assets continue to grow,” stated Cook. “This traditional investment strategy no longer works and fails today’s investors on multiple levels. My goal in writing this book is to guide readers through a step-by-step process to help them reach their financial goals and achieve the ‘New ROI’—reliability of income.”

“Slash Your Retirement Risk: How to Make Your Money Last with a Simple, Safe, and Secure Investment Plan” outlines a new way of thinking focused on total returns accounting for interest rates, dividends, distributions, capital gains, taxes and fees. And, rather than the typical approach to portfolio management— focusing solely on returns and ignoring dramatic market downswings that can decimate portfolios—Cook shows investors how to grab gains as equities grow, but also provide a softer landing, by building in protections for the market’s inevitable downturns.

The running theme throughout the book is a question on the minds of those saving for retirement: how do I save enough money so that I never run out of it during my lifetime? That is the primary question Cook works to answer and offers insight and strategies to all kinds of investors; whether you work with a financial advisor or you prefer a DIY approach, the book provides the tools needed to build the nest egg needed to live a safe, secure retirement.

This book contains three parts with the following detailed chapters:

Part 1: Why Traditional Investment Strategies No Longer Work

Chapter 1: The Failures of Traditional Investment Strategies

Chapter 2: In Pursuit of Reliable Income: The “New ROI”

Chapter 3: Fallacies, Fantasies, and Biases in Today’s Investment World

Chapter 4: Maintain Discipline: Get the Emotion Out and Watch Your Portfolio Grow

Chapter 5: Your Portfolio: The Right Mix of Equities and Bonds


Part 2: Equities: What to Do Now: The “New ROI” Strategy

Chapter 6: The Power of Losses

Chapter 7: Minimize Risk and Cutting Your Losses: Your Personal Built-In Stop-Loss Plan

Chapter 8: Real Diversification for Today’s Real World: Sectors and Choices


Part 3: What Works for You

Chapter 9: There’s No Such Thing as “Fee-Free” Investing: How to Keep Fees Low

Chapter 10: Your Options: Find an Advisor or DIY?

Chapter 11: Making the “New ROI” Strategy Work for you Step-by-Step

“When it comes to retirement investing, too much emphasis is on returns, which often comes at the expense of income dependability and peace of mind. This book shows how your retirement portfolio can capitalize on opportunities for growth while weathering the inevitable economic ups and down. Through this strategy you can achieve reliable returns and suffer fewer sleepless nights worrying about whether your money will last as long as you do,” added Cook.

“Slash Your Retirement Risk: How to Make Your Money Last with a Simple, Safe, and Secure Investment Plan” is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other retailers. For more information visit www.SlashYourRetirementRisk.com.

About the Author: Chris Cook

Chris Cook, entrepreneur and investment manager, is a strong proponent of improving investing outcomes with the application of scientific fundamentals. He’s founder and president of Dayton, Ohio–based Beacon Capital Management, a leading consultant to and award-winning asset manager for financial advisors and institutional investors in developing globally diversified portfolios to optimize long-term performance.

His firm, Beacon Capital Management, has been recognized as one of the most innovative investment advisory firms in the industry by Wealth & Finance International, and manages more than $2.5 billion in assets. Beacon also was honored by Financial Times as a Top Registered Investment Advisor of 2016, was named as one of the Top 100 RIA Firms of 2016 by RIA Channel and in 2017 was one of the ten fastest-growing U.S.-based RIA firms by Wealth Management Magazine and one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

Cook is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a bachelor of science in business administration and a concentration in finance.



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