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Stocks rebounded from a dismal March by posting their best monthly returns since 1987, as investors were encouraged by the expectation of additional government stimulus programs and hope that the economy would be reopening soon. The Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act replenished the Paycheck Protection Program, providing funding for additional small business loans, and offered financial support to hospitals, while increasing the availability of more virus testing. The Federal Reserve added trillions of dollars in funds to its lending programs. Crude oil prices rose nearly 30.0% despite collapsing into negative territory on April 20. A few states began easing lockdown restrictions and reopening a range of businesses. While there were plenty of ups and downs in the market during the month, April closed with each of the benchmark indexes listed here climbing notably higher. The Nasdaq gained 15.45%, followed by the Russell 2000, the S&P 500, the Dow, and the Global Dow.

In May, investors continued to rally to stocks as more states and foreign countries eased restrictions put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy continued to stagger, however. The unemployment rate reached its highest level since the Great Depression while claims for unemployment insurance pushed past 25 million. On the other hand, news of possible breakthroughs in the treatment of COVID-19 cases and the development of a vaccine for the virus provided optimism for investors. Once again, the Nasdaq led the way, advancing 6.75% by the close of May. The Russell 2000 gained 6.36%, followed by the S&P 500, the Dow, and the Global Dow.

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22% Protecting current level of wealth

16% Planning for retirement

12% Cost of health care

11% Health of myself or family members

5%  Rate of return in the stock market

*Source Vanguard behavioral coaching presentation & Phoenix Marketing International and Cerulli Associates

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At our recent Advisor Symposium, nationally recognized speaker Maria Quinn from Vanguard Financial Advisor Services shared her best tips for talking to clients and breaking some conscious and unconscious habits. She laid out Vanguard’s three Ps of good advisor behaviors – Planning, Proactivity and Positivity. While the future is uncertain for everyone, it’s the way that clients and advisors deal with uncertainty that leads to mutually beneficial outcomes. These are ideas you can use with your clients not only in difficult and volatile times, but in everyday interactions:

1. Acknowledge your clients story and fears

Clients are human, just like you and want to be seen and heard. Storytelling is an important part of being an advisor, but just as important is listening to the stories of your client. The advice and solutions will come, but first, just listen.

2. Be humble – Admit your mistakes

Building trust is important; you are human, acknowledge it. That doesn’t mean give the client a laundry list of your failures, but rather frame your past mistakes as a tool for learning. So you bought Amazon in 1997, but then sold it in 2001 – it’s ok. You reexamined your buy/hold strategy and have committed to it since then. Those are the kind of stories that resonate with clients and build trust.

3. Empowerment – Be an advocate for your clients

Walk your clients through their goals and values. Make sure they are clear, defined and in a written financial plan—an invaluable tool for asset management as well as relationship management. The planning process creates the opportunity to explore emotional motives behind a client’s goal prioritization. Empower them to know that you are a trusted advisor and together, you will meet their goals.

4. Be proactive – Return calls and emails in a timely manner!

This one goes without saying but bears repeating. Repeated surveys have shown that the number one reason clients fire advisors is because they didn’t return their calls in a timely manner. You don’t have to have all the answers in order to call them back; just call and reassure them that you will find the answers or the solutions they need.

5. Goals change – Graph your clients’ goals every time your meet

It’s important to show your client the steps you have taken together to meet their goals and expectations. Graph their college savings goals or their savings for a home and show them how far they have come. Keep their eyes on their particular prize. Being an advisor isn’t just about performance numbers; it’s about the journey you take with your clients.

6. Reframing the performance review

It’s all about their goals. Are they closer to retirement or paying for their grandchildren’s education? Keep those in mind every time you schedule a review. Reframing the meeting as a progress review gets to the heart of what matters most to the clients.

7. What’s important to your client?

Revisit your clients’ goals on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, whatever you think is appropriate. The headlines of clients’ lives should motivate changes to investments; not the headlines in the news.

For the entire report on the 3 Ps, download The Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha® guide to proactive behavioral coaching.

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Note the above presentations were created for our advisors with the goal of helping to provide additional resources, tools and talking points that can be used to help navigate clients through this unprecedented time. As such, these presentations are for advisor use only and should not be shared with clients.

Items from the Symposium that were discussed:

Beacon Capital Management Named to Financial Times’ Inaugural List of the Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies

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