Dedicated to fundamentally improving the science of investing

Beacon Capital Management isn’t your status quo portfolio management firm. We don’t invest in the hype of Wall Street, and certainly don’t try to be all things to all people. What we are is a next-generation registered investment advisory firm that provides investment advisors and institutions innovative portfolio solutions designed to meet the investment growth and asset protection needs of today’s savvy investors.

Since the late 1990’s, investors have witnessed the dramatic cycles of the financial markets – record highs followed by double-digit losses. This rollercoaster has caused many to make emotional decisions about their money frequently resulting in buying high and selling low, or seeking “safer” null-performing options such as bonds and CDs. It’s a new financial reality—it requires a new approach to investment management. Beacon Capital Management was born from the dissatisfaction of traditional money management firms who often continue to expose their investor clients to the extreme highs and lows of the market and simply tell them to hold on for the ride.   We believe there is simply a better way to capture market gains while limiting market losses.

At Beacon, we take a fundamental approach to portfolio management. We don’t just tell investors to “buy and hope” with their managed investments, nor do we advise investors to continue to rebalance a portfolio to some “ideal” 60/40 split. We are proud to provide strategically designed portfolios that strive to put the needs of today’s investors first and foremost.

We design and manage investment portfolios based on research from Nobel-Prize winning scholars, mathematical formulas and mechanical execution strategies. Each of our portfolio models offers proprietary risk management solutions, with a driving goal of working to deliver consistent returns for the mid to long-term investor. This overwhelming need for consistency in today’s economy could not be more clear; as of April 30, 2022, Beacon’s assets under management have grown to more than $5.1 billion.

Beacon Capital Management partners with like-minded advisors and institutions. To learn how to find one or become one, contact us here.