Beacon Capital Management

Your Organization’s Fiduciary Partner

Consider Beacon Capital Management your organization’s fiduciary, financial partner. We understand the unique challenges of managing an entity’s long-term financial goals, and we have turnkey solutions to help manage those goals with and for you.  As an independent money management firm, we are dedicated to cost-efficient portfolio solutions that work to: capture market gains, limit market losses and deliver consistent returns.  Beacon has many customizable, all-encompassing solutions available to organizations too. How can Beacon be of service to you?  Click on a link below to learn more.


Which of the following
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We need a better investment approach.

We need a fiduciary partner.

We need a plan to meet our long-term financial goals.

At Beacon, we understand that your organization has both short-term needs and long-term goals for the money entrusted to you.  We also understand that decisions made today have a lasting impact on the future value of your assets and the sustainability of your financial goals.  Experiencing a decline of an institution’s investable assets during a market downturn can have a significant ripple effect on those who may depend on distributions from those funds today or in the near future.  In recent years we’ve seen endowments, pensions and similar negatively impacted from severe market volatility, leaving long-term consequences in many cases.

Beacon works to maximize returns while minimizing losses, with the goal of providing institutional clients a more consistent investment experience.  To learn more about how Beacon Capital Management’s investment approach may benefit for your institution, contact us today.