Portfolios Designed with the Investor In Mind

Beacon Capital Management is an independent money management firm dedicated to building portfolios that work to deliver consistent returns to investors with finite financial goals.  Our focus is on you, the investor, and meeting your investment needs by providing investment solutions that work to capture market gains when things are good, while working to protect your investments from severe market downturns if things take a turn for the worse.  So what do you want your money to do for you?  Click on a link below to learn more.

Which of the following
best describes you?

I need a better investment approach.

I need to know my risk profile and invest accordingly.

I need a plan to meet my financial goals.

If you are like many Americans, your emotions ride along with the extreme cycles of the market. Traditional diversification and asset allocation may fall short in today’s increasingly globalized and volatile marketplace, leaving many investors overexposed to the potentially devastating impact these dramatic market shifts can bring. At Beacon, we believe the greatest risk to investors is severe market volatility, often resulting in double-digit losses. Because losses can be more impactful than gains, requiring a hundred percent increase to recoup from a 50 percent loss, for example, the average investor may not have the time to wait to get back where they started.


The overwhelming response from investors today has been a need for safety and consistency in their investment approach, without giving up all hope for competitive returns.


This is where we come in. Beacon Capital Management believes it has created a distinctive philosophy designed to meet your unique and complex needs today, based on three fundamentals:

#1        Maximize diversification through equal sector allocation.

#2        Minimize losses with mechanical investments.

#3        Maintain discipline to protect from emotion-led decision making. 


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