At the core of our investment philosophy are six fundamental principles.

Risk Management

More risk does not necessarily lead to more return. We believe effective risk management begins with solid asset allocation and strong diversification. Beyond these fundamentals, we manage risk through our proprietary risk mitigation and volatility management strategies. These techniques help investors to invest for the long term by limiting the uncertainty that the market may bring.

Research Driven

Researching tomorrow’s solutions today. We strongly believe that investors benefit when scientific research and past experience combine to solve new investment challenges. Beacon’s models are based on research from Nobel-Prize-winning scholars, historical data and mathematical formulas. By referencing history and always looking forward and thinking ahead, ready for change and to go where the evidence leads, we believe our investment strategies are designed to meet the needs of today’s investors.


There are no “feelings” in investing. There is no consistency in human emotion. Investing is a science, not a state of mind. Because of this we employ a mechanical investment strategy, meaning we set specific investment parameters and then let the market go to work. Should the market take a turn for the worse, our Vantage 2.0 stop loss mechanical strategy triggers and we automatically sell out of the equities held within the model. When the markets rebound and meet our investment parameters, our mechanical investment strategy alerts us when to repurchase the equities. Numbers are black and white.


If you can’t see it, don’t buy it. We strive to provide full disclosure and transparency to our investment holdings and internal operation at all times—always. We don’t buy into the hype of secret portfolio structures or complicated investment processes. We work with only the most trusted financial institutions, such as Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), and uphold the highest level of fiduciary care.


At Beacon, you’ve got options. We offer a variety of managed portfolios with varying risk exposure and risk management strategies. Beacon investors can choose one or all investment strategies to meet their individual needs. Plus, we offer access to exclusive Dimensional Fund Advisors investments to advisors who want the flexibility to add individual funds to a Beacon client portfolio.

Advisor Centered

We’re built by advisors for advisors, and make it our business to build yours. We’re more than portfolio managers. We were advisors first and understand what it takes to start, build and grow an investment advisory firm. For those reasons, in addition to providing superior investment management strategies, we also provide advisors: insight and research; practice management counsel; account management strategies; superior technology solutions; marketing support and communications collateral, and ongoing assistance.